sked my make-up foundation

I met the two women, and I think for a day of shopping in their late 70s, they are so amazing. They said, guess we age? Guess, so I said, oh, about 36? They laughed and said nope nearly 80, the two of us. I tell them how great they looked, and asked them what they use and why (women love to share) what is my education. Then they asked my make-up foundation, so off we went to a lesson liquid base and heavy coverage based on when and why to use them. I learned that in the nearly 80, we are going to take a look at our best stuff, I now look forward to. I learned, the pressed BARELLE mineral base number one sales base or foundation, and they like it, it seems that there are three kinds of color suit almost every soft look the skin color.applied us a lot of coverage and dry kabuki brush. 34 customer its name. Jordana eyebrow brush on one side and the stocking of someone else's pencil pencil least twice a day, I think they love them ... to create a soft appearance. Color lasts. Next in white vinyl hat, long golden hair and false eyelashes, playing with a woman to love her! She was in her 60s. She said her every day to do her makeup, she stood up, never left the house without her eyelashes. She is very retro 1960s ... but she was working. Her weekly thing. ARDEL lashes her, she and I tested in the store, a shiny shadow. She is a journey. I like her!